Dentists Protect Your Oral Health and Smile

Want to improve your smile? Visit a cosmetic dentist. Have concerns about your dental health? Visit a general dentist. Either way, you have access to the care that you need to maintain a lifetime of beautiful oral health and a great smile.

What are some of the services offered from the dentist? Everyone knows the basics of what a dentist can do but still are unaware of many procedures. Let’s take a look at common procedures the dentist provides to his patient:

·    X-Rays: One of the first things a dentist does when you schedule a visit is perform a dental x ray in Grandville. The X-ray can detect problems with your smile that might go undetected otherwise.

dental x ray in Grandville

·    Teeth Cleaning: Teeth cleaning is a service performed at every dental visit. A dentist can whiten and brighten your smile by removing stains and imperfections.

·    Teeth Whitening: Do not confuse this service with teeth cleaning. A cosmetic dentist performs a whitening procedure. It is safe and in one office visit, gets the teeth 10 shades whiter.

·    Dentures: If you have lost one or more teeth, dentures help you get back your smile and provide other benefits in the process.

·    Veneers: Another cosmetic procedure, veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth to hide imperfections. Veneers also protect the teeth against future damages.

·    Disease: If you develop an oral health disease or problem you need a dentist to help. It is important to visit the dentist because dental problems can affect other areas of your health.

This is just a short list of services the dentist offers to patients who care about their smile and its good health.

The ADA says that we need two visits each year to the dentist. Adhere to this schedule and maintain the great oral health and beautiful smile that you deserve.