How And Why Do We Control Ticks And Other Insects?

The world is filled with life.  The life we have on Earth starts at the smallest one celled organism all the way up to humans and maybe even beyond.  These insects all have a purpose in the world and need to be protected.  However, there are going to be some insects such as ticks for instance, that spread disease and other illnesses and need to be controlled.  The way that we control them is through tick control services in New Hanover.

The inspection

The first thing that we need to do is an inspection.  The inspection process is where a company will come out and look for signs of damage or inhabitation for specific insects.  If they find that insects such as ticks are present, they will come and do a treatment.

tick control services in New Hanover

The Treatment

The treatment is where they will come in and using chemicals and other processes start the process of killing off your insect problem.  It typically starts by killing off the adults so they can no longer lay eggs.  From there, the process will go and kill off the eggs that may have been laid.  Finally, a layer of poison will remain that will act as a barrier to keep insects from coming into your area and starting the process all over again.


Once your initial treatment is completed it will be the job of the homeowner to maintain their area.  This means cutting the grass, removing trash and checking in on the areas that they like to breed and eat.  If you start to see that the environment is starting to transform back into its previous state, you will want to call for a retreatment.


Finally, the retreatment is done on a yearly basis.  They will come in and make sure that your environment is still clean and no signs of problems are present.   They will then again retreat and monitor the process.