Understanding How Dual Diagnosis Works

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It is dual. Not duel. Duel means that you are in conflict. Dual means that you are going not just once but twice. Actually, you’re not going anywhere. You might be going to get a good night’s rest, mind you. Nevertheless, clinical dual diagnosis treatment in san angelo, tx could be addressing two conditions or disorders for the duration of the psychological or psychiatric therapy consultations. Initially, one condition or disorder is reported or suspected.

The psychiatrist takes her notes. If the condition or disorder appears to be severe, there is every possibility that she may be prescribing medication. This is probably medication that no other medical practitioner, whether in general or specialist practice does not matter, is able or allowed to prescribe. Such is the license of authority of the clinical psychiatrist. But it also happens that specialist or senior practitioners in psychology are required to be part of the process.

Even under usual conditions if you will, it will take a while before said practitioners are able to get to the root of the matter. Speaking of which, it is often the case that an underlying cause is the result of the diagnosed condition or disorder, and in order for successful healing to take place, this new cause simply cannot be ignored. And so it goes that the process of dual diagnosis begins. The medical practitioners in residence are treating two conditions on behalf of the distressed patient.

And it is often the case that once the original plight is addressed, treated and resolved, the patient makes progress in regard to his current condition. Let’s close this note with a message of encouragement. Like it takes time to prepare good food, it takes time to heal. Be good with that.